Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 6, 2014

Hello Lovely family!!!

I do not have a lot of time today- but I just wanted to share a few experiences that I had this past week!  

SO transfers were tuesday!!! IT has been a crazy week. Super dang crazy.  Monday we ran around and did stuff for Sister Ninataype.  Then monday night- 3 brand new greenies came to stay with us.  So we welcomed them in.  And I packed Sister Ninataype up.  It was so ODD.  She just sat there and talked to me.  hahah.  it was fun though.  Then we went to transfers tuesday morning at 9:00 and I got my new companion!! AND GUESS WHAT!! I am a grandma!! haha my daughter (Sister Petersen) is training.  So that makes me officially an old missionary.  it is crazy how the time goes.  So let me tell you about Sister Kreis.  She is WONDERFUL.   Haha She is tall and blonde and sweet.  She did pageants before the mission. Google her (Bridget Kreis).  She was Miss Orem and People's Choice Miss Utah.  So she is super legit.  She is a powerful teacher and a wonderful missionary.  We are having so  much fun together already!! AH I just love the mission.  Hahah i think one of the greatest rules is that i have on the mission is to have a companion with me all the time.  I realized that i hate being alone.   So that is nice. She is really great.  There are going to be great miracles happening here!

SO New Years was funny.  Because of transfers we were running around all day.  THEN President Maluenda let us watch MULAN as a zone.  hahahah I love Mulan.  I forgot how much i like watching movies.  I am such a missionary though! Haha the entire time we compared Mulan to a sister missionary. "i'll make a man out of you!!' haha So we enjoyed that.  Then that night the Sisters that were going to go home came to stay at the apartment. So that was fun as well.  It is officially 2014.  I can hardly believe it.

Then on Friday we had MLC with President and the Ap's. IT WAS AWESOME.  I learned so many great things.  President talked alot about setting goals.  That when we set a goal we need to make sure it is not just a desire. Desires VS Goals.  There is a big difference.  He also talked about the difference between Faith and enthusiasm.  How when we have faith we need to act.  Because faith without works is dead. With faith and animo (enthusiasm) we can accomplish great things. Last month as a mission we set a high goal.  And it was mostly based on enthusiasm.  So half way throught the month we all kinda puttered out.  We didn't do our part in order to reach the goal.  And president knew it was going to happen!! but he let it happen so he could teach us and help us learn from the experience.  It was really wonderful.  And I needed it. I know that all the experiences that we have in our lives are for our benefit.  it doesnt matter the situation that we are in, or had in the past.  We can learn from all of them.  The struggles can either weaken us- or we can use them to our benefit- and become stronger. I know that as we focus our lives on the savior and truly keep our covenants we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.  When the focus is on the Savior and his atoning sacrifice- we can learn the things that we need.  He can MOLD us into the people that he knows we can become.  True sons and daughters of God. Mosiah 27:25-26. How wonderful!! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!!! I LOVE MY MISSION. I am so grateful for all the prayers and the support.  Thank you. =D
Have a wonderful week!
Onward and Upward!!
-Sister Wiser

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