Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Buenas Tardes familia!!
??Que onda?? THIS WEEK.  haha it has been great.  I didn't get drugged again!- Haha so that is good.  I am very much awake and alive.  So this past week we had 2 exchanges and a few comp studies and some great sister drama.  So we were running around like crazy people.  Exchanges really are so much fun!  They take so much energy though- Ya gotta prepare well, then work super hard, solve problems- it is just a fun challenge. And it is so nice to know that I can make a difference, even if it is a little. 
I forgot to tell you!  -Last week Sister Kreis and I did a musical number in Sacrament meeting.  SISTER KREIS IS A PIANIST!!!! talk about a divine companionship!! SHE PLAYS AND I SING!!! Haha Heavenly Father is very kind to me.  Anyways- we did 'Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" by Rob Gardner.  It is wonderful. AND- at Texas Thrift(a boss thrift store) We found these hilarious matching skirts.  We will wear them again sometime so that we can take a picture. They are actually kind a cute.  =D it was fun anyways.  I LOVE MY WARD.  I can pretty much call every member in the ward by name now.  AND- they just started passing around a calander to feed the missionaries(they stopped for a while for some reason)  and we have a dinner appointment every single day.  Wassup member work. The members here are so great,  We are really building great relationships with all of them.  it has been super fun.
OSCAR AND MINA MOVED. =( They have been talking about finding a bigger apartment for a while now.  But on Wednesday i had this little prompting to call them.  So we did.  And sure enough- they were pretty much ALL moved out!  and they are in a different area, in a different ward, in a different stake! So.  That was kinda sad. But the elders that are in their area now will take good care of them.  I am grateful for little promptings of the spirit.  We were able to go over and teach them one more lesson and talk with them.  The are Bosses!! Just pray for them that the transition goes well from Mac1 to the other ward.
We are starting over with investigators in the area.  This week we found an awesome kid!! his name is Juan. (along with all the others...haha everyone is named juan, jose....ect) We found him on the saturday exchange.  Sister Kreis was in Edinburg, and I was with sister Moffat.  haha she is hilarious.  She is from Salt lake area.  She is just a hoot.  we had way toooooo much fun.  But anyways we were looking for this random less active that lives in one of our apartment cities, and Juan just walked out the door.  So we offered to give him a pamphlet then ended up sitting down with him and teaching him.  We invited him to be baptized and he accepted for the 16th of Feburary.  He is a super cool kid.  He is 17, has a bunch of tatoos and pericings, but is ready and willing to change his life around.  He kept saying over and over 'I just want to be clean.'.  And the great thing is that he can be! Through baptism- and the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wahoooo!!  So that was a wonderful Miracle.  He didn't make it to church yesterday- But it is because he couldnt find it.  Pobrecito. So we will be getting him a ride so that he can make it to the church.  It is wonderful though. =D So many MIRACLES.
This isn't my story- But sister Moffat told me when we were on exchanges. and i just about died i was laughing so hard.  now we have an on-going joke as well.  So sister Moffat and her companion- hermana Petramalo- were walking down the streed and this fat white chihuahua was running in the road and chasing and barking at cars.  The stupid thing got in the way and got hit by a car. (i know that that part isn't funny- at all)  But THEN.  This little old mexican lady ran out of the house yelling. and she said "JUERO!!! PORQUE TE SALISTE DE LA CASA!!!" And she just kept yelling at the dog in spanish. poor dog. Haha. translation -White guy!!! why did you leave to go outside!!!-  It is not funny in english.  But in spanish it super is.  People yell at eachother in spanish all the time. it is great.  and Juero- is what mexicans call white people.  So that was pretty funny that the dogs name was juero. (anyways.. if this story is too gruesome... sorry- you can just keep it for the family to read. and someday i will tell it to you in real life. whatever you think.   Stuff like that happens all the time.)
I LEARNED SOME WONDERFUL THINGS this week. Everyone needs to watch this MORMON MESSAGE.  Today.  It is called 'Wrong Roads'  By Elder  Holland.  And it is SOOOOOO good.  It really opened up my eyes, to experiences that i have had in my life, and in my mission now.  He basically goes on to explain an experience he had when his son was young.  They went for a day trip to some place in arizona.  And as they were getting ready to drive home they came to a fork in the road.  So elder Holland invited his son to pray about what road to take. The boy said that he felt good about the right road, and Elder Holland recived the same feeling.  So they left to start driving down that side.  and a little ways into it it became a dead end.  They turned around to go back.  On the way back- Elder Hollands son asked "why did we feel good about that road if it was the wrong one?"  Elder Holland thought for a second then answered.  He said at times the Lord lets us go down the wrong road for just a moment- so that we can know for SURE that we are on the correct road.  After they traveled a moment on the wrong road they were able to turn around and know fur SURE that they were on their way home.  That way we have absolutey no doubts as we walk along the correct path.  That really opened up my eyes to a lot of things.  I have had time on my mission when we have plans to do 2 things- and we feel prompted to go somewhere- but the people end up being gone.  So when we do the other plan we know for sure that that is where we needed to be.  I am not sure if that makes sense.  watch the video. haha Holland explains it really well.  Anyways-  It strengthened my testimony.   I know that we can trust in the Lord to lead us.  And if at first we walk for a moment down the wrong path- The Lord can lead us back- and we can have that ASSURANCE that we are on the correct path.  The Lord loves us.  We are Gods Children.  He cares about the things we go through and the details in our lives.  As we pray and plead for help through prayer- we can truly see miracles.  I have seen it.  EVERY DAY. I know it works!  I love you all!  Make it a great day!
-Hermana Wiser

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