Monday, June 3, 2013

New word of the week - Culebra-translation~SNAKE

Buenas Tardes Familia!!
I hope that you all have had a wonderful week! SUMMATIME!! yay! summer break!  Haha it is summer all year around here, but i am sure that you are glad for the warm.  This week has been a wonderful one! crazy! and wonderful.  haha man, the things that happen on the misison.  It is always an exciting adventure.  OH ya! i forgot- yesterday was memorial day! i hope it was fun for you all. =D All the libraries and computer labs here were closed- hence- why i am emailing today!
So- Yesterday (p-day) i was sitting at our kitchen table, writing a letter to Stanton, when out of the corner of my eye i saw something move.  SO, naturally i looked, and it was a SNAKE. CULEBRA. SERPIENTE. IN OUR HOUSE. ahhhhhh. As you can imagine i started freaking out.  haha. you can just picture me standing on my chair screaming. because that is exactly what happened. :) haha So my other companion, Sister sanders, came out to see what the rucus was all about, and saw the snake, and joined my up on the chair and started screaming as well. our other companion- Sister Larrabee was outside in the garage getting a popsicle, and the washer and dryer were going so she didn't hear a thing.  So i worked up the courage to go out and get her (because she is the brave one who deals with spiders, snakes, fixing toilets.. you name it) as she came back in the snake slithered across the bottom of the cabinest and found a hole and went INSIDE the hole.  so we emptied out the cabinents with a broom. no luck.  we couldn't find the darn thing.  So it is now stuck underneath the cabinets in our kitchen.  So we have another new pet!  A pet snake. haha lucky us!  We don't know where it is, or how to find it, or what to do with it.  But i guess we will find it eventually.  We think it is just a garden snake. but it was like 20 ish inches long and very fast.  So i will keep you updated on our new pet.  We all dreamt about getting eaten by snakes last night. the fun adventrues of the mission.
So we had some really awesome lessons this week! it is so cool to watch investigators build their own faith and start changing.  ;) it is the best feeling ever as a missionary.  We have an investigator names Myra- the one with all the latina SASS. hahaha oh man she is sassy.  She is so fun.  But we had a lesson with her about finding faith in Christ.  We talked about how through Jesus Christ we can overcome the two things that people everywhere in the world have to deal with- SIN and DEATH.  We talked about how the atonement really covers sin, guilt, sorrows, worries, mistakes, pain, sickness, EVERYTHING, and how through Christ ressurection we can all live again in our bodies as well.  We then watched a video that we have called 'finding faith in christ' (you can get it online, it is really good!).  The movie just has a bunch of christ miracles, the atonement, and different experiences that Christ had while he was on the earth. It was really neat. And it really puts God's plan into perspective.  The spirit was there and Myra was enthralled. You could tell that the wheels were turning in her mind. We then touched on the importance of the sacrament, and that we go to church to remember christ and to repent and apply the atonement in our lives. She gave the closing prayer.  it was BEAUTIFUL. the spirit was there SOOOO strong!  her prayer was so sincere and she asked God to help her get to church and to know what she needs to do in her life.  She is really progressing, and even though she has met with the missionaries before I think that things are finally clicking in her mind.  That just shows you how different everyone of God's children is.  Each persons journey is SO personal.  But God's plan applies personally and specifically to each one of us. The best part was that she came to church!! and she brought her non member uncle! Bah!! it was so great.  She really is awesome. and i am looking forward to meeting with her more this week.
We are out of time! we have district meeting.  But i love you all!  The gospel is true and the book is blue!  Really- The gospel of Jesus Christ provides every single answer that we need here on the earth.  We can find them as we read, ponder and study the scriptures, as we pray with real intent, and as we keep the commandments God has given us and the covenants that we have made. God is willing and waiting to bless us! all we have to do is ask. =D
Onward and Upward!!
Until next week!
---haha pray that we don't get eaten by our new pet! ;)

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