Sunday, June 30, 2013


Howdy Y'all!!
Hope you have all had a wonderful week!  Shout out to all the dad's out there- Happy fathers day Yesterday! Hope it was a great one!
AND-----DRUM ROLE----- ELDER STERLING WISER!!! WASSUPPP!! MY BROTHER IS A MISSIONARY!! Man- I am so proud of you Elder Wiser! Welcome to the Ranks!
So- Great news!! Myra and Ana Ramos were baptized yesterday! From my last area! I am super excited!  It's a great day to be a Texas McAllen missionary!
This week has been a great one! It has been super crazy! But that is how it is getting used to a new area and companion and culture! Ha seriously- North padre Island is the exact opposite of Donna. =D  It is great! and I am learning new things everyday. 
First of all- Something big is happening this week!! There is a world wide missionary broadcast that everyone is invited to! This sunday the 23 at 5:00 p.m. Utah time. Everyone should go!! its going to be awesome! And- you will be watching it the same time as Sterling and I!  It is going to be awesome- and I am excited to hear all your notes and thoughts about it! (haha hint hint)
So- in my new area I am the Driver!! My companion doesn't have a drivers license. So I am the designated driver! I have never been so grateful for my GPS in my entire life! haha Thank you mommy thank you mommy thank you mommy.  It is great- because now I can tell my companion "oh crap, I missed my turn". Yep- That is still happening. Haha. And we put the speaking voice on the GPS in Spanish- It is way funnier in Spanish! =D keeps us entertained during the driving portions of our days.
The island is SOOO beautiful! AH! It really is like a beachy dream land.  There is a nice ocean breeze that helps to cool it off.  It is usually upper 90's with A LOT of humidity.  Even more that Donna. At 6;30 in the morning it is 88 degrees. Haha welcome to texas!
So this week- one of the days that we were on bikes- I was riding along, singing a church hymn- my skirt was all tucked in my spandex so I didn't have a Maralyn Monroe moment when all of a sudden- MY BIKE CAME TO A COMPLETE STOP. I tried to stand up so see what the problem was and I was stuck in my seat. Ha the entire back part of my grey skirt was jammed in the bike chain.  So I had to back up and slowly get my skirt unstuck.  I am sure I just looked ridiculous. And now I have a large hole in the back of my skirt. Haha such is life for a sister missionary on bike days.  Luckily I have a sewing kit! Thank you Grandma. =D
So we have miracles every single week- but this week we had an amazing one! We were given a kind-of-referral for an apartment complex on a street called Mingo Kay.  And all week I just felt like we needed to go there. We made plans to go a couple times earlier in the week- but with how things turned out we didn't make it there.   So we finally went on Saturday and knocked the complex- and Not one person was home.  But- There was a little Lady outside weeding her garden.  So we went and started to help her and started talking about the book of Mormon. And she said "Well, I want to read it! where do I get one!" We of course got her one and set up a return appointment for sunday night.  So we went back last night- and she read the introduction and the moronic 10:3-5 that we asked her to read and she had 3 questions written down on a little piece of paper for us. 1. What is this plan of salvation that they are talking about?
2. What are the doctrines of Christ
3.How come yall have The Book of Mormon and none of the other churches do?
CRAZY RIGHT?? There are prepared people!!!! AHHHH!! I am still so excited about it! So we have started teaching her!  We will be going over the restoration in our appointment tomorrow! We are so excited! It really is amazing- in Alma 26:27 is says that if you bear your afflictions with patience that the lord will grant you with success! and we are seeing that success!
One thing that I have really learned this week is that faith without works really is dead.  As a missionary I pray everyday to be led to those people that are prepared to receive the gospel.  But If I just sat on my bottom in my apartment all day I would never find them!  I have really seen how working hard and being obedient has brought miracles.  The lord really does guide his work. This is his work! When we do his work his way and patiently wait for his timing- miracles happen. People are brought into the fold of God. Members are strengthend. And everyone is just HAPPY! AHHH! I LOVE IT!  I Love being a missionary!  It is wonderful.  There are always hard things in this life- But God promises us that as we are obedient to the commandments and do our part he will "prosper us in the land" Keep your chins up! Have a wonderful week!
Onward and Upwards!
-Sister Wiser
PS- I don't know if it is a thing that I inherited from Dad- But I just happen to adopt the accent whenever I am having a conversation with people.  haha So yes- I currently have a red neck Texan accent.  Haha my companion makes fun of me for it ALL the time.  Haha the best part is when they ask me where I am from and I sheepishly say "uh.... Utah..." haha. Story of my life! I can't help it! =D

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