Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello Family!!
How y'all doing? I hope everyone is doing great! It has been a great and crazy week on the island!
First of all- Wasn't the broadcast AWESOME last night?? Every Member a missionary! God really needs ALL of his children to do the work of salvation!  Man it is great. I loved all of it.  Especially President Packers adress. He said something along the lines of - "I have learned a alot in my life, but i still have a lot to learn". that just made me think-  How much more do I need to learn! Wow.  I love the aspect of learning that the gospel has.  We are constalty progressing, becoming better, learning from our experiences.  And eventually we can know ALL things.  We can become like our Heavenly Father. What a beautiful blessing the scriptrues promise us.  All we have to do here is keep the commandments and our covenants, go to Church(which is a commandment as well) Pray(also a commandment) and Read the scriptures (yup a commandment as well). The best part about it is that God would never ask us to do something that we couldn't accomplish.  He has provided a way.  He gave his only begotten son, as a sacrafice for us all.  So that we CAN become like our Eternal Father. It is just amazing! And makes SO much sense.  I love it.
So- this week i was at dinner at a member's house.  Their names are the Barkdull's.  They are awesome- #1 because they use Doterra oils! and #2 they eat Gluten Free.  They are a heaven sent family! I love them.  So we are there- eating gluten free lasagna, which was awesome in and of itself- and the doorbell rings.  So Sister Barkdull goes to answer it and is gone for a while. then she comes back and says- oh that was a Living Scripture guy. I was like 'WHAAAAA!!!!" and basically ran out the door to catch him ( i was polite about it though, don't worry).  And so i went out and knocked on his window and talked to him for a minute. Haha Man. I can't remember his name anymore- But it is super cool that Damon's team is in my territory! Love texas.  So anyways- That was a crazy little thing.  Hello living scripture humans.  welcome to texas. Then I saw them at the devotional sunday night as well. Good boys.
last week we also had Zone conference! It was awesome!  This week is President and Sister Trayners LAST week as mission presidents! The Maluenda's are taking their place this week! There are So many changes Happeneing that are going to bring the fire to the Great Texas McAllen Mission! BAPTISM!!!. Being a missionary is the coolest.
Also- I learned to play the Organ last week. And guess who is the new ward organist! ME! yup. It is pretty great.  I am still working on the Feet and hands thing- but it is fun. I really enjoy it.  Last night our zone had 2 baptisms. I also played the piano for both of those.  Dear Mom and Dad- Thank you for putting me in piano lessons. Best idea ever.  Dear Stanton and Shelby- learn how to play the piano- it helps as a missionary.  I love being able to play! It is nice to contribute to the spirit.
Well, I am out of time! man the time flew by today!
Just know that all is well on the island! we are working with alot of ward members and potentials to get the work moving! We also got a new mission leader yesterday- who is AWESOME.  Seriously- The feild is White and ready to Harvest! SO EVERYONE GO TO WORK! Yesterday the Prophet made a call to all members. Lets bring the FIRE! BAUTISSSSMMMOOOO! (baptism) We are in the latter days- The final days of the Lords vinyard! There are people that are prepared! We just need to find them and invite them to come unto Christ!.  The work is ours- and we are promised that as we have faith and back that faith up with diligence and hard work- we will be blessed with miracles as our neighbors, family members, friends enter the waters of baptism.  Baptism is the first step to getting started on the path  to the Celestial kingdom. It is the Gate- 'and there is no other gate whereby man can be saved' (2ne31)
Love you all! invite ALLLLL the humans. =D help the missionaries in your areas!
Have a wonderful week!
Onward and upward!
-Sister Wiser
PS- if you didn't get to watch the broadcast- watch it! its super good. they put it online probably. =D

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