Monday, May 20, 2013

What the.. its MAY 20!!

How is everyone this week??  Let me just say that I have had a crazy amazing week her in the great DONNA Texas =D  We had a baptism yesterday!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!  AH man fam, it was seriously amazing.  Ruby Villalobos Guerra was baptized yesterday.  She is truly a wonderful girl.  She is 9 years old and just as bright as they come.  Her dad is a return missionary and her mom is a convert of 2 years.  They have been less active- but Ruby has helped them get all back to church.  It really is amazing.  Her dad was able to baptize her and the spirit was really there.   It was exactly what the family needed.  I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of it.  Ruby asked me to say the closing prayer and to play the piano for all the songs.  Haha -yup- I am the favorite missionary ;) hah chiste(joke). But it was really neat.  I am going to miss teaching her! but i am sure we will keep meeting every once in a while to do family nights with the Guerra family!.
OH MY GOODNESS!! SOOOOOOO many miracles happened this week.  We found a GOLDEN investigator.  Her fiance is a return missionary and they met on a LDS dating site.  Her name is Ana Ramos. i might have mentioned her last week... i don't remember.  But She is amazing.  She was telling us how she did charity work and they needed school supplies for some of the schools down here. so she went to one of our chapels and found a bishop and he got an activity set up in the relief society and made up the kits and gave them to her for free.  And she was just in awe.  This made her look into the church a little more. Then she met Josh. and Josh called us and referred her to us last week.  We met with her on saturday and did a church tour with her.  We ended in the chapel and taught the importanc  of the sacrament.  We talked about the atonment and how it is only through Jesus Christ that we are saved- both from sin and from death.  We had the idea to use music.  So i made up a little song rendition of 'As now we take the Sacrament' while she read the words.  It was AWESOME.  The spirit just flooded the chapel.  It was so cool. Then we all had the chance to testify and share our testimonies of the savior.  Josh- her fiance was there too and really added a lot.  They are going to be a great ETERNAL family!! AHHHHH!! i am so excited.  She is getting baptized on June 16. Married on august 16. THEN sealed in the temple september of next year on the 16!  She came to church yesterday and just loved it. here is an exact quote from her 'I am so excited to raise my children in the gospel!"  Haha can you believe that??  Heavenly Father really does prepare people.  Ana and Josh will be a huge strength down here in the weslaco ward! I love being a missionary! its awesome!
Here is a funny for the week.- Spanish. haha enough said.  i say the most ridiculous things. hahaha. =D awe man.  I wish i would remember half of them.  I usually have one or two good ones a day. So we met this family of Jehovah's Witnesses- sanchez family.  Hah they speak only spanish.  and we were talking with them.  It was cool because it wasn't tense at all.  The spirit was there and it was really friendly.  But anyways.  I was talking to them and bearing my testimony in spanish and at the very end i said an english word- in a spanish accent. here was my sentence.(i know that God is our heavenly father, and if we keep the commandments here we can live with god again.)  "yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre celestial y si guardamos los mandamientos aqui podemos vivir con Dios...AGAIN."  I literally said the word "again" haha at the end of my sentence- in a MEXICAN accent.  My companions started laughing at me! man.  The spanish word for again is otra vez-by the way.  Haha but it was just funny.  AND i have done that like three or four times in real life while talking to real people.  Haha the joys of learning a language.  I love it. =D
OH MAN. So this week the air conditioning broke!!! lemme say HOT. CALOR. HOT.  I don't think i have ever been so hot for 3 days strait before. in the humidity as well.  This week has been super warm.  95-99 degrees.  With no air. in humidity. It is usually about 87 at night.  but there is no sun at night. so that is nice. I bought a fan last week. Best 18 dollars i have ever spent on a fan. =D  Anyways.  Sister Chamberlin is also in Utah this weekend. So we have had to figure everything out.  Luckily there is a member of the church down here who just happens to fix air conditioning and all that jazz. =D I love the Church.  It's the best.  Haha the funny thing is that he speaks only spanish.  And out of my companionship- none of us have ever talked about air conditioning maitinence... or anything.  Haha so that was interesting.  Luckily he was patient and he fixed it for us. So we have AIR again!. yay =D I don't know how people live in this heat with no air.  But most people down here don't have air conditioning or fans either. But they usually like the heat.  So i guess that is why they are living here.
Oh man- this week has just been great! and this up coming week we have a bunch of solid appointments, Ruby is getting confirmed next sunday, we have a dinner appointment every night this week.  Oh- we also have our 'first comp training' on wednesday back in Mcallen.  I get to see my MTC district and my SISTER GARRY!!!  I am super excited to see her and hear how she is doing.  I miss her! man.  We are definatly going to be friends for life.  I am super glad that we got to be companions in the good old CCM. So this next week is looking good as well. 
I found an awesome scripture chain this week. I don't know if anyone is looking for somthing cool to study- but  this week we have been focusing a lot on how important it is to use the Book of mormon and the Bible in teaching.  The two complete eachother.  The book of mormon clarifies the bible and BOTH are testaments of Jesus Christ.  I love it.  SO on preach my gospel page 105- there is a box at the bottom that says 'scriptrue study' and it has a billion (haha just kidding like18) scripture references on why the Book of Mormon Prophets kept the record.  It is really awesome. I have an awesome chain- and some of the scriptures have come in handy for teaching as well.  The Lord definately had the BOM prophets write and keep the record for our time. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God and is another testament of Jesus Christ.  Joseph Said 'the book of mormon is the keystone of our religon. take away the book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religon?  we have none.' on another occasion he said that the best way for man to get closer to God is by reading the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true!  I love reading, pondering, studying it.  I get so excited as i read it! God really did write it for our day.  It can answer 'questions of the soul', lead and guide us, answer other questions that we have, and teach us EXACTLY what we need to do in order to return and live with our heavely father.. otra vez...again. =D  I love it! Read the book of mormon EVERY day, and the lord will pour out numberless blessings upon you.
I love you all SOOOO much! have a wonderful week! y que tenga un buen dia! les quiero muchismo!
-Hermana Wiser-
and ruby with my companions and i. =D

This is Ruby!! on her baptism day! May 19!

The next picture with the horse- haha oh man.  So people here just tie their horses up to posts! and leave them there!  and so we thought we would go take a picture with it... ya i don't know why.  But as we were walking up to it this little old mexican man walked up. and he started talking with us. and took our picture for us and told us we could come back and spend time with it any time.  We also taught a brief lesson on the plan of salvation and gave him a pamphlet.  We will probably go back this week and visit him again.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!

hahah this is after contacting a referral that we got his name is Jesus. =D my companion -sister larrabee was being a dork. haha love my companions. =D we have soooo much fun!

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