Monday, May 13, 2013

May 6th

Hello wonderful family!!!
Ahhhh!! I am still just learning so much here!  It is crazy! I can't believe a week has already passed.  Time flies here. and i sleep like a huge dead rock every single night.  It is a blessing.  Haha Mom- last night i actually had a dream and i was talking to you and telling you about all my stories, and i woke up a few times and saw the clock like at 5:00 and 5:30 and 6:00. then i would fall back asleep and finish my conversation with you (in my dream...) and tell you- "oh its okay mom, i have until six thirty to talk to you).  It was really weird. But I guess it shows that i am excited to email home. =D and tell my stories. =D
First things first! WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!  AHHH. it was SO great.  I can't remember how much i told you about Kalena, but she was baptized yesterday.  It was such a beautiful experience.  The moment we started singing the first song the spirit just rushed in.  I played the piano (i play all the time here).  But it was really neat.  Kalena has been attenting church for about a year now.  And she didn't get baptized because her parents wouldn't let her.  But this year she turned 18! and decided that she wanted to get baptized.  it was wonderful.  Her boyfriend, Edward(the bishops son) baptized her.  It was just really great. And she was GLOWING. You can just see the light of Christ in her eyes.  It was all around beautiful.  Haha something crazy happened though-  The young women president welcomed her and stood to say a few nice things about her and how kalena was an example. And all of a sudden she just paused.. and looked at the ground... then she looked up at Kalena and Edward (who was sitting right next to her) and said "I just feel like saying that you two will go to the temple together someday" .. And there was literally an audible gasp in the room. and i was sitting at the piano- so i could see ALL the faces around the room. and everyone just looked suprised. really really suprised.  ESPECIALLY the Bishop.  Ha it was nuts. and i was just praying that the investigators that were there and Kalena's parents forgot about that really quickly. Crazy things happen here in texas.  Oh man. The people here are crazy awesome. Anyways so that happened.  But the baptism was really wonderful.  Baptism is SOOOOOOOOO important.  It really is the first step we need to take in this life so that we can fully be cleansed of our sins and live with our father in heaven again.  I read a cool scripture this week in Alma. I can't remember the exact reference right now... But it said something about how when we repent and are baptized, have the gift of the holy ghost and endure to the end we can stand SPOTLESS before God at the last day.  That is a huge promise.  I just loved it.  Read the book of mormon folks!! EVERYTHING you need to know is in there. seriously anything.  If you have a question pray- if you want an answer to that question read the book of mormon. IT works. i promise!
So remember Ruby?  She is the nine year old we are teaching. And she is GOLDEN. Seriously. she is stronger than her parents who have been members all their lives.  She is such a great example and has such great faith. Someday she will be a killer sister missionary.  She is a joy to teach.  her baptism is scheduled for the 19th of may.  And it is great because she encourages her entire family to go to church.  It is wonderful.  her Dad is a return missionary- but has been less active.  But him and his wife want to get sealed in the temple so they have been working really hard.  it has been great to be involved with helping their families.
We were teaching a family one night, and we had made this puzzle of the restoration to help the kids stay focuses and  we were sitting on the floor on this carpet and we realized that it was crawling with ticks. AHHHH i freaked out a little inside. but held it in until the lesson was over.  You can BET that we all showered and checked for ticks after.  Luckily they were only dog ticks. so i don't thing they bite humans.  but still.  I am getting used to all sorts of crazy Critters here. like cocharoach (however you spell it). YIKES.  We found one in our bathroom.  hahahaha you should have seen hermana sanders and me. It was like world war three in the bathroom. Stuff was flying everywhere as were were trying to assassinate the stupid thing.  IT WOULD NOT DIE. we seriously wappppped it like 20 times.  We finally killed it with a glass jar. Guess it needed more than the sole of a shoe.  Dear utah- thanks for not having cocharoaches- love sister wiser.
Friday we did an exchange with the sister training leaders in mcallen.  SO i went to mcallen and one of the othere sisters went with my hermanas.  It was cool. I learned a lot.  The lord definatley plans where is missionaries need to be! they needed a pianist for their baptism on saturday- and guess who plays the piano! me. haha =D so that was really neat.  ANNNNDD i didn't have any food. and they had a very Wheaty apartment- so we ran to the store and they had a HUGE GF section.  So i was blessed and stocked up =D (haha yes, that is what i used my card for).  It was really a blessing.  So if i ever go to Mcallen i can get gluten free stuff. It was great.
Hahah... so i was chased by a dog this week too.  It was just a little one. But it had Latina sass.  Man i was freaking out.  I felt like such an idoit.  just picture me running away from a little devil dog with teeth. shreiking and skirts flying and ya.  It didn't bite me. but i was freaked out.  A bunch of Mexicans were laughing at me though.  I am going to go back and they WILL be converted. ;) haha.  I just thought that was a funny image. anyways feel free to imagine that and enjoy.
So i think i told you about Victor.  The is a man that we contacted last week and he has a zillion HUGE pitbulls.  So we literally stand outside the fence and don't say a thing, and he comes out when he hears his dogs bark.  Anyways we went back and talked to him and he actually read the Book of Mormom that we gave him! and he said "ya, i was reading...and i was in awe." wassup! that's what we like to hear.  So we had a lesson with him and it was pretty good.  We have another appointment with him on tuesday. Pray that it goes well!
We were also contacting around another part of our area and we found a woman and she accepted a baptismal invitation right there.  She has 11 children! its crazy actually. we have another appointment with her this week as well.
So- i had a wonderful miracle happen! Yesterday was fast sunday- yes fasting works- and i just prayed that i would be able to understand the fast spanish speakers.  So yesterday in church in the spanish ward we were sitting there and all these people were talking to me and i was actaully having conversations with them! Granted- i can't understand perfectly. and sometimes they had to explain what they were saying in a different way. but it was really cool, because i knew what was going on.  It was honestly a HUGE blessing. The gift of tongues is real! and faith and fasting work.  They work SOOOOO well. =D I just LOVE the people here. They are wonderful.  And the spanish ward here is sooooo strong.  So many of the members are willing to come out and work with us.  It is beautiful.  Members help out so much.  Without members- missionaries would not be effective.  Go out with the missionaries if you can- testify with them, share your testimonies with the investigator! be bold and help bring them unto Christ.  The gospel of Jesus Chirst is THE most important thing for us to follow in our lives.  Our SAVATION depends upon it.  =D I love being a missionary.
I just remembered a quote that i will share with you.
" Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. lend your efforts to helping people.... Stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down.  Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ." -President Hinkley.
I just love this quote.  and everytime i read it i picture president hinkley's voice. its great. =D  ahh.  Living what we believe is SO important.  We have the truth. We know what our heavenly father expects of us and what can bring us the most happiness. By living the precepts of the Gospel we are not only kept safe from the adversary- but we are blessed immensly.  God takes care of those who keep the commandments. --It says it over and over in the Book of mormon- those who keep my commandments shall prosper in the Land-.  It is true and works. =D It is so great. I feel so blessed to be apart of this work. And to be able to testify to people every day of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the Christ!! He LIVES!! He loves us and is waiting to help us! It is SO wonderful. =D
I love you all So much! and I pray for you every day =D
PS- next time is mothers day! so i have 40 minutes to talk on either saturday or sunday.  I will be calling for 2-3 mintues on Friday to set up a time with you.  I will probably call dad first- since i don't know when mom is in school.... So i will call one of you. if you see a 956 number answer it. because it is your almost latina daughter in texas. =D okay?  Sweet. =D
I love you all!
-Sister Wiser

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