Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014

Hello people! Hope you are all having a great day!! Shout out to the Wiser side- Grandma wiser!! happy anniversary!!  Deana, Michael, Shannon, Shawna, Mom, Dad, Grammy- I hope you enjoy your Hawaii trip!! Live it up!
We had a super great week!  it went by so fast that I literally cant even remember what happened. It was definitely full of wonderful missionary stuff though ;).  We had two exchanges this past week.  Out of our 8 sisters- 5 of them are greenies. So it has been really fun to work with them!  I love greenie fire!! I always learn so much.  We did an exchange with the island sisters (Sister Lance and Sister Sarmiento).  I went with sister Lance!  It was so fun.  She is the sweetest.  She is 19 and fresh out of the MTC.  She is from provo- and is just a wonderful missionary.  My second exchange was with sister Acosta (whom I love) in annaville.  I got to go to her area and check it out.  It was rainy off and on all day.  It was super funny actually- we were on this street- contacting some referrals- and out of no where it started pouring.  It doesn't rain much out here- but when it rains it POURS.  we were about a half a block from our car- and all the people we were trying to contact kept looking at us like we were crazy people- probably because we were out in the pouring rain. Anyways- we were about a half a block from our car and decided to run to the car to wait out the random spurt of rain-  by the time we got to the car we were completely drenched. It looked like we jumped into a swimming pool. haha. I have pictures actually- but I forgot my cord!  I will send them next week.  Anyways it was a good experience. after the rain let up a little we went to go and talk to two guys that pulled up.  They both looked pretty rough- one of them had a tattoo sleeve of puros skeletons and scary stuff.  But we started talking to them.  Turns out that they work for an oil rig company or something.  So they are hardly ever home.  So we gave a book of Mormon to one of the guys.  He said he would read it.  They didn't accept a BD or anything- but I know that we planted a seed. I really felt it.  Most of the time missionary work is as simple as that- just planting seeds.  Through the years other people and experiences help those seeds to grow then they will be ready to accept the fullness of the gospel.
An awkward thing happened though after!! we left our number with them- and the other guy texted us and (the one we didn't give the book of Mormon too) asked us 'to go to get some drinks and some food" with them.  AKWARD.  I have never been offered drugs or alcohol in my life until I became a missionary. haha kinda funny how that works.  hopefully that guy will progress one day.
Then later on we had another lesson with one of the families they are working with.  They are so great!!! BUT the husband- Larry- has a doubt that the sisters hasn't found yet.  He wont accept a BD.  It seemed like he had a faith issue.  So much has happened in his life he is afraid to open up.  and because of that he isn't receiving answers to gain a testimony. SO HARD!!!  AHHHH.  The spirit was so strong in his house- you could tell because the wife was eating it up, and sister Acosta and I were both feeling it too- But he was to stubborn to recognize it.  But they are going to keep working with him- he is going to be an amazing member.  He is a super great guy. I learned a lot from the experience though.  We have to be humble in order to receive answers from the Lord.  If we don't actively do our part- we wont receive an answer.  Or if we do pray and read and go to church- without the FAITH that we will receive heavenly help- we wont. It was a really good reminder for me to be humble.  To have faith enough to receive help and answers from heavenly father. I have received so many answers on my mission- it has become part of me kinda- so it was a really good reminder to stay faithful and humble, and to not get caught in a rut. (I hope this makes sense, haha works in my brain)
We finally found Debra last night!!!  we haven't had contact with her for about a week and a half.  So we prepared a special lesson for her.  We have already taught her everything that she needs in order to be baptized- so we planned a hybrid lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation.  And how the gospel (faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, endure to the end) fits in with getting to the celestial kingdom.  we read 2 nephi 31 and as we read we dissected it and I drew a visual for her.  The spirit was there super strong. As we read she was highlighting things in her book of Mormon!!  At the very end I had a really strong impression to invite her to be baptized again.  So I did. And she accepted a date for my last sunday, the 31st.  I feel really blessed that I can work with her.  This week she is going to an ARP meeiting to help her with the smoking, and she committed to read the BOM every day this week.  Keep her in her prayers!  I know she can do it!!! 
I love you all so much! I hope ya have a great week!  do some good service- invite some people to come to Christ.  Hey- Hawaii crew!! you have a plane ride home! I am challenging you to Give out some copies of the book of Mormon! I want to hear about your experiences next week!  Missionaries forever!!!
Love you all!
-Hermana Wiser

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