Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 27th, 2014

Howdy folks!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week!  I had a great week here in the TMM.  This is probably going to be a short email because I only have a few minutes! So- This past week Sister price and I took a little road trip back to McAllen!! Yay!  It was great we had a 3 day leadership training.  It was nuts!  full of wonderful-ness. It takes about 3 hours to get down there.  So we (our zone leaders and 3 district leaders and Sister Price and Me) we crammed into the dad van that the zone leaders drive. It was pretty crazy.  Then during the day we had meetings from 9:00 am to about 6:00 pm.  LONG MEETING.  But oh so great.  They always come right at the best moment in the mission to help me refocus and to make changes. 

I got to work with sister beckstrand in La Vista!!  How I love my old area!!  Sister beckstrand actually went to high school with me.  She graduated with me too!  Small world.  We were on bikes the entire time too- so that was fun! The first night after the training President Maluenda challenged us to have a really good repentance prayer before we left- then go and work hard!  So Sister beckstrand and I went and changed clothes real quick.  During the meeting I actually made a repentance list.  I just took a moment to repent- and after I felt SOOO GOOD. I felt like was all of a sudden sparkly and clean. So we headed out on the bikes (I was wearing sister kreis' helmet...hahaha it was too big so I looked like a doofus).  We were talking to everyone that was outside and there was one little lady that was watering her grass. So we stopped and talked to her.  We started teaching the restoration lesson to her- and the spirit was so strong!!  It was super wonderful. She prayed and after she just waited for a minute- and read the entire prayer page in the pamphlet.  After a few minutes (yes minutes) of silence we asked her how she felt.  And she said, "I feel something here in my heart... I can't describe it... its like....I don't know..."  So we helped her realized that that was the spirit that she was feeling.  And she accepted a baptismal date.  SOO MANY PREPARED PEOPLE.  =D It is great.  It was amazing the difference that little repentance prayer make though-  I felt the spirit there super strong- AND I felt so much love for the lady!  It was like Heavenly Father was shooting me with a laser beam of love- and my heart was pure enough to shoot it at the lady- full force. =D  It was wonderful experience that changed my mission.  I am striving for that every day.  To be pure and full of love.  =D 
My mission is just great!! 

Here is a great quote that I heard this week.  

"if you are anxious- you are living in the future.  
If you are depressed- you are living in the past.  
If you are happy- you are living in the present."  

I really liked that! enjoy every moment!!
Well!! I love you all so much!  have a wonderful week!  you are in my prayers!!
-Hermana Wiser

ps- I will send pictures next week when I have a little more time. 

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