Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014


Howdy!! From "Corpus Chrispy!!" -hahaha mom

I hope all had a wonderful Mothers day yesterday!  It was so great to see you family!  Man.  I can't believe that happened. =D  haha my time measurement is completely missionary focused- it feels surreal.  It was so wonderful to catch up for a few moments.  I just love you all so much!! I am convinced that I have the best family in the entire world.  I do! =D
SOOOOO- We had a crazy week! -as usual.  I am now in Corpus!! AGAIN!!  We got the transfer calls on Monday night-  I am in the area of Weber (not pronounced like our high school- but like 'web'- like a spiders web- 'er'.  It is on the mainland of corpus, and so far it has been great.  My new companion is Sister Price- she is wonderful!  We are already having loads of fun- and working hard.  We both came in new to the area- She is a new STL.  So we are Pink washing!  - which means that we are basically starting from scratch in the area.  It is fun to have a new clean slate.  Sister Price is from Gilbert Arizona, is the youngest of 4 girls.  And has about 3 months left on her mission.  She is a hoot!

After we got the transfer calls I packed up- relatively quickly- then went around and said goodbye to people. It is so weird not being there anymore!! I literally became part of the furniture I was there for so long.  It is crazy being in a new place.  It is hard to say good bye!! I got so attached to the wards, members, and people there. AND its weird not to me with Hermana Kreis!  WE had so much fun together as well.  Tuesday morning we met at the church for transfers-  We had a little pow wow with President Maluenda- he assigned the new greenies to their trainers- then we loaded up the stuff!  Sister Price and I drove the car all the ways up to corpus.  It was a bout a 3 hour drive.  The moment we 'landed'- we started running around like crazy people- and have been running ever since.  So that has been super fun! We are basically trying to get to know the area, meet all the members, and find people. 

We have seen some huge miracles already!  We have found 7 new investigators this week.  That has been a huge blessing.  The area is prepared!! =D  I am really excited for the new transfer- everything is new!  Just when you get comfortable- that's when you get moved!  And EVERYTHING is new.  So I am grateful for the learning expierence.  AND- I get to go work on the island this week!! With sister Vargas!!  I am so excited.  I was able to see the Island folk at church on sunday.  It was so good to see old friends. =D So that will be fun.  We are just working hard. I will give more deets on the area when I know more!!  =D

My studies have been really great lately.  I have been reading the scriptures all in Spanish (of course).  And I just finished the book of Alma and started up with Helaman today!!  I love the Book of Mormon so much!!  It is literally written for out day. One of the stories that I love from the book of Mormon is the strippling warriors.  In alma 58 there are some really great versus that we can relate to our lives. In this part of the story Helaman is writing to Moroni- and catching him up on what had been happening.  His little army didn't have much provisions and they were going through a rough time.  So they prayed! in v 10: they prayed with all the energy of their souls for strength.  Then after their prayer of faith- they trusted that the lord would help them.  I love this next verse- V12:  "And we did take courage with our small force which we had received, and were fixed with a determination to conquer our enemies, and to maintain our lands, and our possessions, and our wives, and our children, and the cause of our liberty." They prayed with faith- then took courage-with a FIXED DETERMINATION to conquer.  They had a purpose behind what they were doing.  I related it to myself with missionary work (haha because I am a missionary of course)  but I think it relates in any situation we are confronted with.  Things get crazy at time-  but if we pray with faith- then do ALL we can- with a fixed determination- everything will be okay.  And we will have  the strength of the lord with us.  Helaman's little army was able to conquer the cities by strategy- and because of their faith in the Lord.  We too can conquer the little 'battles' that we have daily.  IT is all according to the plan.  I love the gospel!

Sorry this email is so scattered!  My brain is in 73 different places =D.  But I love you all!  Hope you have a wonderful week!  Remember the little things- prayer, reading, church!!  That is how we can make it through.  I love the gospel and I love being a missionary!! 
Con Amor,

-Hermana WIser

This is our study area- so you can see!  =D
Fabulous!! our desks are super sturdy!
Me and my lovely new companion Sister Price!!  This is right before the mothers day calls! 
These are the sisters that I live with!  Sister Welch (who played the piano with me in the MTC- she came out with me) And sister Nail!  we have fun!!

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