Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19th, 2014

HELLO People!

This week has been a crazy week- FULL of miracles!!  Where to begin...  SO last week we found a little family-  Rhonda and her daughter Layla.  They are so wonderful!! We were walking outside and saw a group of kids- so we went and gave them all Jesus pass along cards.  There was one little girl that said- "hey!  my momma is inside! wanna come talk with her?"  So of course we did. We had a great restoration lesson and set them on a date to be baptized.  SOOOO many prepared people!!! Then we went back a few days later to give them their copies of the book of Mormon.  And committed them to read. *here is where the miracle gets crazy!* So we go back a few days later to see how they are doing and to set up a church tour- and we followed up on their reading.  And Layla has been taking her Book of Mormon to school to read it DURING recess!  AND-that's not all-  A little girl named Kaitlyn, who is in our ward- Saw Layla reading her book of Mormon and offered to read with her.  So the next day Kaitlyn brought HER Book of Mormon and started reading with her!!  CRAZY GREAT RIGHT!!!  Talk about a brave little missionary.  Both the girls are ten.  So we called her Mom and tonight we have a family home evening planned in the members home.  The Lord works in wonderful ways!! Yay Book of Mormon Recess STUDY!!

I also got to do an exchange on the Island this past week!!  IT was so fun!  I was with sister Vargas on the island.  It was so fun to see the members and the people again.  IT is crazy to go back- all these wacko memories kept flooding into my mind.  I learned a LOT on that little island. =D

Another great miracle from this past week- Rhonda gave us a referral for the Neighbor.  And her hame is Deborah.  We went and started talking with here and she told us that she wants her 8 year old son to be baptized somewhere!  Talk about great!!  So we started teaching them both- and it has just been wonderful. Deborah had a great spiritual conformation that the message is true.  The Lord prepares so many people!!! =D

Another little gem that we are working with is a lady names Sandie. She is such an angel!  Sister Sanders and Sister Ninataype actually found her and started teaching her and her Less active husband.  Her husband has now been reactivated and Sandie is preparing to be baptized.  She would be baptized already- but she has had a lot of crazy health problems these past few months.  The first time  I met her was at the hospital.  5 days earlier she had a triple bypass open heart surgery.  CRAZY.  So we went and sang to her.  She is currently in a little rehab facility so she can fully get back on her feet.  She is such a christlike and positive woman!!  We went with a boss member that lives in our area- Sister Rich(yes, I skyped at her house. =D)  Sister Rich and I gave her a hand massage with oils=D  yay oils!!!  Her goal is to be baptized on june 15  She is recovering very fast.  Keep her in your prayers!

On Saturday the stake has a super awesome relief society activity- with classes and all sorts of stuff.  We got to go because we translated it into Spanish!  For some sisters.  Haha there are some words in English that I just don't know the translation for!  like 'smoothie'.  We went to a class about making healthy smoothies.  so I just said 'esmooti" hahahaha.  Yay TEX MEX.  Super funny.  it was fun!  I love speaking Spanish!! Sister Rich gave a wonderful class on compassionate service- And she is the right one for the job.  She is so crazy amazing!  She just serves EVERYONE.  Yesterday she spoke in church, made lunch for us and a recent convert, drove the recent convert home, drove us to the rehab facility to help Sandie, went to and spoke at a baptism for the other sisters, helped clean up after- THEN this morning we got a call about a sister that passed away in the ward and needed help cleaning up.  So we ran by- and sister rich was already there- with a trailer attached to her car to help the people move all the stuff out of the apartment. Talk about service oriented!  AND she is just so positive ALL the time.  I want to serve like she does- she literally lifts people everywhere she goes. I am grateful for the example that she has given me.  You learn so many wonderful things as a missionary! Sister Rich shared a quote with us.  It says, "By DOING, we get to practice until we BECOME."   SO true!! In order to become we have to DO that thing.  I really have been thinking about that this week.  What do I want to become?  and what does the Lord want me to become?  Yay progression! Heavenly Father has such a wonderful plan.  I am so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ- so that we CAN change.  As we become more like the Lord- he will trust us with people that need our help.  That has been the main lesson that I have learned this week.  As we seek to do the Lords will- he will place people in our paths that need our help and service. I have just grown to love the people here so much.  It has been such a blessing to be here in Texas serving.  The Lord is doing more for me than I could ever do for him.  I am so grateful that he is patient and trusting enough to let a crazy 21 year old spread his gospel. This experience has really helped me to gain a eternal perspective, to think outside the box, and to be more like the savior.  ITs a work in progress!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Find a soul that needs uplifting and bring the sunshine to their souls!!
-Hermana Wiser

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